Where do Dj’s get their music from?

Where do Dj’s get their music from?

One of the top questions I’ve always been asked. Whether you’re a beginning DJ or just someone who loves music. Well my answer is LimeWire! HA! Totally joking but unlike the past years, it is not an issue to reach any type of music over the web anymore, since there is so much competition between companies and websites serving thousands of tracks to public.

Dj’s like to use record pools. What is a record pool? A record pool is a regionalized and centralized method of music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs. The music industry sends its newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provides feedback on each release as well as exposure in their clubs. Pools originated as vinyl record pools in 1975 New York City, evolved into CD distribution networks, and later online music distribution between DJs (digital pools). You can find tons of remixes, as well as the original, clean edits, videos, acapellas, instrumentals and music with intros (8 bar). That is after you get a subscription.

Top 3 Sites

The top 3 sites I personally use. You can trust them and get high quality  tracks.


Club Killers  – They have a heavy emphasis on the club atmosphere, this pool offers tons of remixes, video library, curated playlists, and a team of editors to keep your crates fresh. They also have a blog where they inform you of new technology and news in the music world. Can’t forget about their awesome podcast Hosted by Alex Dreamz, who brings you amazing djs from all over to share their mixes with you!

Price: $35 per month.

BPM Supreme –Features a trendy, diverse selection of the latest and greatest new records released. It is a low-cost digital record pool with great selection for open format DJs with the added bonus of music videos at no extra cost. It’s one of my favorite spots for Latin tracks! One of my favorite extras too is their BPM supreme TV be sure to check out the videos !

Price: $19.99 USD/month

DMS – DMS is updated 5 times a week so that you can get the latest releases as quick as possible. With an amazing back catalogue of classics and throwbacks beginning from the 50’s. One of the most diverse record pools. They have a great selection for alternative, new wave, and rock plus everything else. They to have an awesome blog with loads of music information.

Price:Six subscription options. You pay x amount for x amount of downloads.


These record pools also carry top charts to share with you!

You’re not obligated to use these, once you explore out there, you will find what sites suite you. The list goes on! DJ City, Beatport, My 12 Inch, Hype Machine, Soundcloud, YouTube, Record stores, etc.

And always remember,

“Good music has no expiration date.”

Dj’s feel free to comment where are some of your fave sites to search for music!