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DJ Corona for your nightclubs and bar

Do you have a bar or nightclub that desires the touch of a sensational DJ?  Desire a brand new atmosphere for your bar, pool, club, lounge or nightclub? Need the attention of an insightful DJ for a one time night event or residency? With DJ Corona, you can stop your search. Her mixes are poised to keep listeners intertwined with the atmosphere of wonders, thereby keeping your venue full.

dj corona at las vegas lax nightclub inside luxor hotel

DJ Corona’s Mixes

DJ Corona holds an all-embracing music library that is compromised of the most uniting list of songs of all genres. Her mixes are so special that it will leave you popping, rocking and astonished. As an astounding  DJ with the in and out of trends, you will be graced with an ambience of selecting from a list of your favourite music to be aired being guided by a professional. Her mixes are promising and will leave you wanting more of her time in your venue.

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