Mix Creation

DJ Corona for Your Mix Creation

Enlightenment comes from within, and deep in therein lays “the music”. Are you an artist in need of a mix for your performance? Are you a sensational individual longing to have a mix of your favourite songs for personal enjoyment? Offering a unique mix creation, Dj Corona will keep you intertwined with an atmosphere of wonders.

DJ Corona’s Mixer

DJ Corona, from her extensive music library, offers the most unifying list of songs; which can either be selected based on personal interest or detailed creativity from her professional ear. As an astonishing DJ with complete DJ Pro tools, plugins and mixing gears, she is capable of delivering a result that will astound you. You will feel a sense of connections with her crafty skills.

DJ Corona’s Mix Output

With an HD recording kit, be rest assured that the output to be delivered will be of the best quality. With a perfect EQing and Fades for all your music, flowing pulses beat-matched; be rest assured that it will be more realistic and even extra ergonomic as you flow along the hook.

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